Complimentary platforms for Sales and Marketing improvement

Our range of marketing and sales focused development platforms have been designed to provide customisable and cost effective solutions to development projects.

This modular approach to development allows reductions in the time taken to develop your project and offers a flexible platform for additional functionality.

SimpleKPI - KPI Software for creating, managing and analysing Key Performance indicators

Simple KPI is a comprehensive KPI Software system, it offers a powerful solution to 'spreadsheet farms' and ‘static reports’. It is a comprehensive online solution for KPI reporting, tracking and analysis. It provides important sales information to be viewed alongside any number of additional Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that are crucial to your business performance.

KPI software for tracking and performance management


Incentiv8 has many powerfull features that enable you to offer a comprehensive incentive program accross users, cutomers or distributors. The online solution allows you to customise any aspect of the incentive programme including multiple reward programmes running at the same time.