• School Car Share

    School Car Share

    The online ‘School Car Share service’ has been designed in conjunction with the education sector to tackle the ever increasing problems associated with the School run.

    Parents can simply access the scheme and register their details, once authorised by the school they have access to a host of features that encourage car sharing as a responsible part of parenting.


  • Cisco

    Lloyds Banking Group / VSG

    Iceberg has implemented their latest nomination, recognition and reward platform for the Lloyds Banking Group / VSG.

    The Pride programme is designed to recognise excellence through a series of key measurable areas, in addition the system promotes the generation of ideas through collaborative generation and social media inclusion.

  • Cisco

    Distributor Sales Incentive

    Iceberg has completed its latest assignment for Cisco with the launch of a new Distribution Incentive Platform.

    Iceberg has worked with the Cisco Distributor team to build a platform that allows multiple distributors to engage in Cisco led incentives, the system allows complete tracking of the incentive from creation through to real time positions and historical reporting.

  • Ge Sustainable Cities

    GE Global Marketing Platform

    Ge Cities is a concept from GE to promote their services for a safer, cleaner and more environmentally friendly city which has been developed by Iceberg.

    The global marketing platform provides GE with an online showcase to display the latest media content in over 6 different languages. The navigation and design has been completly overhauled to immerse the user in an interactive city experience using case studies as real points of reference.

  • Philips

    Dental Practice Incentive

    Philips selected Iceberg to produce an online incentive application aimed at promoting their range of Sonicare oral hygiene products.

    The vantage programme enables dental practises to register their purchase of sonicare products, these sales are then automatically converted into points that can be redeemed for prizes all handled through the system. The automation of online accounts coupled with regular statements has reduced the administration of the programme significantly.

  • Schueco Marketing Platform

    Solar Marketing platform

    Iceberg has completed its latest assignment for Schueco UK Ltd with the launch of a new Solar Marketing Platform.

    The Solar Marketing Platform is designed to offer installers of the rapidly growing Solar market a convinient single point of communication, offering account information, leads, training and even personalised promotional material to help generate and grow their individual businesses.

  • GGP Dealer Direct

    GGP Dealer Direct

    GGP UK Ltd, the producers of the Stiga and Mountfield brands selected Iceberg to develop a Dealer system for streamlining their dealer distribution and communication network.

    Dealer Direct is a central hub for dealer interaction and management, it includes the ability to order stock, enter warranty claims, register products, view account statements and much more. The system integrates into GGP's backoffice system and automates the current manual processes.

  • Philips Sonicare

    Philips Sonicare.co.uk

    Sonicare's new website represents a significant
    new step in promoting their dental range to the world.

    Iceberg has worked with the Philips team to take the existing Sonicare.com website and streamline the content for a european audience.

  • Derbyshire Safeguard

    Online Keyholder Security

    Derbyshire Police selected Iceberg to develop an online Keyholder application.

    The site has placed special emphasis on attracting home and business owners to register there keyholder infomation for additional peace of mind. The site has e-commerce elements that take payments for the service on a yearly basis. The platform requires minimal management whilst integrating with backoffice systems and reducing manual processes.

  • Schuco

    Sales Search Engine

    Schuco develops and markets complete aluminum, steel and solar products worldwide. The Schuco Fabricator Search Engine provides a reliable platform for increasing their competitive edge.

    The Schuco Fabricator Search Engine provides the facility for Schuco sales staff to search for fabricators that meet specific sets of requirements. Fabricators and contractors are required to complete the projects and matching the correct companies to projects is vital.